Different view

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a different perspective on complaints than Western medicine. While medical doctors who studied in the West zoom in on the complaint, TCM therapists do the opposite: they zoom out to the whole body, that they view as a whole.


While doctors in Western medicine tend to only look at the complaint and treat this, Eastern health care looks for the connection with other complaints, thus looking for the cause of the complaints. In this way, TCM can also have a preventive function and detect complaints that can ultimately lead to a fibroid or a stomach ulcer, long before they reveal themselves. By intervening early, a lot of misery can be prevented, such as lasting damage to organs.

Reflection of nature

TCM not only looks at the whole body but also at rhythms: your rhythm of life and your day and night rhythm. As is the case with other living organisms, rest at night time (Yin) and activity during the day (Yang) are good for you. If you do day things during the night and night things during the day, your balance can be disrupted.

For example, a shortage of sleep can ultimately lead to migraine, because the lack of rest during the night weakens your basic energy. The TCM therapist can advise you to make minor changes in your daily schedule, which often leads to less complaints.

Pieter: ’With acupuncture my Achilles tendon injury healed very quickly and now I can enjoy active sports again.’’