A treatment in Ineke’s and Arina’s practice is much more than just applying a few needles. Full attention is paid to you and your general wellbeing.


Your first visit to the practice starts with an interview. With specific questions, taking the pulse and examining the tongue, the therapist can determine the condition of the body, the possible cause of the complaint and the possible relation to other complaints.

Acupuncture treatment

Subsequently, the therapist selects the acupuncture points where she will treat you. She places 10 to 20 very thin needles (cross-section 0.12 to 0.25 mm) on different points of the meridians (energy flows) in order to restore the balance in the body. The needles remain in place for about half an hour. Children need less time.

“Acupuncture and herbs really help reduce my joint complaints”


Chinese herbal medicine

In order to enhance the effect of the treatment, the therapist – if you agree – can choose to prescribe Chinese herbs. This is done in accordance with age-old formulas, learned by the therapist during her studies of Chinese herbal medicine.

The prescribed herbs will be delivered to your home by the NatuurApotheek, a recognised pharmacy specialised in Western and Eastern herbal medicine.
You take these herbs until your body’s balance has been restored.

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Dietary and lifestyle advise

Should it appear from the interview that you can reduce your complaints yourself by changing your eating habits of lifestyle, the therapist will give you practical advice.

For example, parents of children with a chronic ear inflammation will be given the advice to not give them hard to digest food like dairy products, bananas and peanut butter.